Support / Maintenance

Maintenance of Sherp ATVs is carried out in specialized service centres.

Such Service Centers provide a full range of services including:

– Diagnostics of the technical condition of an all-terrain vehicle;
– Preventive maintenance;
– Repair of any complexity;
– Replacement of any part, component or assembly.

Parts for full scope repair are always available in specialized services centres.

Our company provides branded manufacturer warranty. The main condition for Sherp warranty repairs and maintenance is the observance of the rules by an ATV owner as follows:

– Transportation;
– Operation;
– Storage of ATV.

Under the warranty, the company shall carried out the following:

– repair of damaged parts, assemblies, units and components of vehicles;
– replacement in case of failure to repair;
– warranty maintenance in full scope.

Warranty terms on parts and components is 12 months or 200 running hours.

Warranty service and repair in specialized service centers is a guarantee of reliable and long-term operation of your Sherp!